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Introducing CurPay Merchant

As a Merchant, accepting Crypto should be fast and easy, CurPay offers a seamless solution for managing crypto transactions, turn it on, accept payments then sit back and receive your settlements quickly!

Gone are the days of “Creating a wallet” OR “HAVING to understand the complex world of Crypto”

Click and GO, No Hassles

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Why Choose Us?

We provide a turnkey solution that provides YOU the Merchant more Control, Automation, and Protection with your crypto payments.

Easy On-Boarding / Accept Crypto in seconds / No knowledge of Crypto required / Support multiple cryptocurrencies / Works Stand Alone or with your approved Payments Provider / Settles to Merchant or Payments Provider Daily

No Chargebacks

Our Motto

Start to finish, CurPay click and pay allows you to receive Crypto with ZERO HASSLES!

Accept and get paid USD Daily!

CurPay AI

The Future is NOW , are you ready?

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