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Introducing CurPay’s Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)®

Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is a patent pending technology that is not some Buy/Sell order tool or dumb trading bot; it is an automated Artificial Intelligence based technology that is specialized for one duty, keeping assets safe by monitoring jumps or drops in asset value. It not only protects 24/7 but takes advantage of volatility in the market to make profit.

On Guard 24/7

Have you ever woken up only to find that your security has dropped 30%, even 50%, then welcome to a new age in asset protection. CurPay’s Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is on guard 24hours a day 7 days a week.

Easy Setup

AVP securely connects to your exchange with a no hassle setup that has you protected in minutes. You can choose different money management strategies each occurring when the market conditions are perfect. You can also set what specialized market indicators AVP will use as well as many more settings.

Market Volatility
Trading Graphs

Finally Success!

CurPay’s AVP is specialized to make successful trades; its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) software make trades instantly.

It simultaneously analyzes market conditions in multiple cryptocurrencies and/or other types of securities and will execute trades whenever there is room for making a profit. It requires little trading experience and is designed as a fire and forget system where once setup, the operation can be completely hands-off. You can even keep trading and AVP will pick up those trades and not only account for them but also learn from your trading style.

Artificial intelligence is a computer system that can perform complex tasks

CurPay's AVP is reactive but learns from its past experiences; it can improve its ability to profitably trade by being self-altering; it observes specialized markets indicators and identifies market conditions by monitoring them over time.

CurPay’s AVP AI is amazingly effective during high volatility periods, and is specially trained to avoid the issues associated with a traditional trading bot. For example, while both trading bots and CurPay’s AVP are both emotionless and not attached to the assets they are trading, a trading bot cannot recognize successive losses and is not effective during volatile times which can lead to a massive overall loss.

AVP is not a bot, its an AI trader!

Bots cannot recognize successive losses from bad trades which can lead to a massive overall loss.


AVP and humans, with the more experience the better the results, AVP learns from mistakes and improves its ability to trade eliminating successive losses

Bots are defeated when market analysis goes beyond the analytical capabilities programmed into them.


AVP is amazingly effective during high volatility periods and is specially trained to avoid the issues associated with a bot.

Bots can’t buy from a hunch like humans can. They buy at the hands of preprogrammed technical indicators. If its indicators trigger, it will follow blindly.


AVP, like a human, can adapt; but AVP trades without the Investor Psychology Cycle that humans ultimately succumb to.

Bots work using a fixed set of algorithms or even just simple rules, their success often hinges on its creator’s understanding of how the crypto trading world works.


AVP implements a wide variety of trading strategies, including technical and fundamental analysis that it is constantly learning from.

Bots are unable to adapt to changing market conditions without having to be reprogramed.


AVP is efficient at self-optimization and achieves the greatest outcomes by finding the best market conditions through big data analysis.

Bots cannot handle big data effectively.


AVP handles huge amounts of data and makes complex calculations very quickly; it utilizes reactive machine and limited memory types of AI to perform specific tasks using historical and live market data.

Bots must be programed per trading pair.


AVP can successfully manage any trading pair because of its reactive learning. Currently 350 trading pairs and counting.

Bots are programmed to follow a specific set of rules


AVP is designed to learn, adapt, and make smart decisions on its own maximizing its power over any volatile market.

CurPay's AI driven Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is used in all sorts of ways

Standard Volatility Protection For Merchants

Immediately trades a cryptocurrency deposit into a FIAT or Stable Coin of the users choosing on the users preferred exchange.

Dynamic Volatility Protection

Trades a cryptocurrency deposit into a FIAT or Stable Coin when market conditions are prime for profit using the user's settings and preferred exchange.

Volatility Protect Mode

Holds a cryptocurrency deposit and only trades on the preferred exchange when a predetermined drop in value occurs like say a 3am 30% drop when you are not looking.

Wallet Protection

Protects a wallet from volatility; depending on the user’s settings, the system automatically makes trades that take full advantage of a security's volatility.

Profitable Assets

Simultaneously analyzes market conditions in multiple cryptocurrencies and/or other types of securities and executes trades whenever there is a profit to be made.

Smart Strategies

Real-Time Money Management and Market Signal stratgeies to maximize asset returns while still allowing traders to make thier trades outside the system.

Live AVP Statistics (YTD)


Automated Trades


Trade Volume


Different Currency Pairs

Supported Exchanges

and more....

Any Exchange with api access is eligible

Use Cases

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