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Introducing CurPay’s Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)®

CurPay (AVP)® is our patent pending AI which analyzes the market conditions of any cryptocurrency across multiple crypto exchanges and liquidity providers.

Being cloud-based and noncustodial allows CurPay AVP to connect to crypto exchanges and liquidity providers via secure APIs. Whether you're a trader, payment gateway provider, merchant or portfolio manager, CurPay provides users more control, automation, and protection on your assets.

CurPay's (AVP)® is designed for one duty, to take advantage of volatility by executing trades at the most favorable time. Once set up our software monitors, learns and remembers providing users with an easy to use hands-off solution.

On Guard 24/7

Have you ever woken up only to find that your security has dropped 30%, even 50%, then welcome to a new age in asset protection. CurPay’s Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is on guard 24hours a day 7 days a week.

Easy Setup

AVP securely connects to your exchange with a no-hassle setup that has you protected in minutes. You can choose different money management strategies each occurring when the market conditions are perfect. You can also set what specialized market indicators AVP will use as well as many more settings.

StatiaSource: statista.com
As of 2021, statista.com estimated global crypto ownership rates average 3.9%, with over 300 million crypto users worldwide. And over 18,000 businesses already accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Why choose CurPay?

  • Patent pending technology which works 24/7
  • Non-Custodial - you control your keys
  • Safe & Secure
  • Integrates via APIs across multiple exchanges & liquidity providers
  • Easily scalable - Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Big data mining & analsys
  • Higher revenues via AI timed trades
  • Cost savings through automation
  • Can manage and trade any asset pair
  • Customizable portfolio management
  • Live trading signals
AI Trading

What is AVP?

Automated Volatility Protection (AVP)® is a patent pending technology that is not some Buy/Sell order tool or dumb trading bot; it is an automated Artificial Intelligence based technology that is specialized for one duty, keeping assets safe by monitoring jumps or drops in asset value. It not only protects 24/7 but takes advantage of volatility in the market to make profit.

It simultaneously analyzes market conditions in multiple cryptocurrencies and/or other types of securities and will execute trades whenever there is room for making a profit. It requires little trading experience and is designed as a fire-and-forget system where once setup, the operation can be completely hands-off. You can even keep trading and AVP will pick up those trades and not only account for them but also learn from your trading style.

Artificial intelligence is a computer system that can perform complex tasks

CurPay's (AVP)® is reactive but learns from its past experiences; it can improve its ability to profitably trade by being self-altering; it observes specialized market indicators and identifies market conditions by monitoring them over time.

CurPay’s (AVP)® AI is amazingly effective during high volatility periods, and is specially trained to avoid the issues associated with a traditional trading bot. For example, while both trading bots and CurPay’s AVP are both emotionless and not attached to the assets they are trading, a trading bot cannot recognize successive losses and is not effective during volatile times which can lead to a massive overall loss.

Use Cases

CurPay Services

B2C CurPay Trader

B2C CurPay Trader

Giving retail investors more trading features and protection versus trading on the exchange alone. Offering 30+ settings to manage your assets.

White Label Partner

White label product

Offer our retail product to your customers while using it to manage your company assets and expand your product portfolio.

B2B Custom Solutions

B2B custom solutions

Solve problems with the power of AI. Automate asset allocation and your investment strategy. Maximize returns on your crypto payments.

Big Data

Big Data

Using AI to make better trades. Constantly monitoring multiple market indicators with over 600 asset pairs using real time data for decisions.

Customized Crypto Solutions

Customized Crypto Solutions

Crypto solutions to connect liquidity providers, data sources and Web3/DEFI networks to help your businesses compete into the future.

API Driven

Easy to use by tying into your existing framework through APIs and allows access to multiple settings and, money management strategies to automate and enhance your crypto offering.

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